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BUY NOW! – ZAM-POP! Pre-Launch Package with Discount!


488 in stock


Your pre-launch package includes two box sets of ZAM-POP! The Pirate Edition and Mob Edition each contain four decks of playing cards, a set of ZAM! cards and the props needed for gameplay.

You will be entered into a chance to be featured as a character on a future ZAM Cards! And you will receive recognition on our site and special offers on future versions of the game.

Save $10 when you order now and reduced shipping!

Shipping to the United States is a flat rate of $10 per package. International Shipping is $38 per package to most countries. We’ll contact you close to shipment if it’s going to be more.

Please note: This is a pre-sale which means your credit card will be charged now. The product is estimated to ship late March or early April 2020.


488 in stock



Hi! My name is Glenn Meder. I want to introduce you to an amazing card game that’s been in our family for generations. We call it ZAM-POP!

ZAM-POP! is a super exciting, fast-paced card game that gets your heart pumping, competitive juices flowing, and oaths flying! It is pure, family fun!

ZAM-POP! is our go-to game every time our family and friends get together. ZAM-POP! has definitely brought our family closer together. It gets us off our phones and tablets and away from the TV so we can actually sit around the table and spend an hour or two laughing and having the best kind of family fun.

Everyone we’ve taught it to over the years loves it, yet no one knew the game before we taught it to them. A couple years ago we were sitting around wondering how this could be. How could so many people not have this wonderful game in their lives? So, we (father, son and grandad) decided to fix that.

Over the years we tweaked it, added some twists and amped up the fun, but it still has the heart and soul of our family favorite game!

We believe ZAM-POP! is the most exciting game on the market. Our dream is to share it with the world with the hope that it will become the go-to game that will bring families and friends closer together. We know you will LOVE it.

And right now we’re doing a pre-launch of ZAM-POP!

This is the very first time that ZAM-POP! will be available to the public, and we’d love to start with a bang. The more people who support us during this pre-launch, the greater our chance for success! So I’d love to ask for your help to get it kick started.

As a thank you for ordering during the pre-launch, we have some amazing bonuses (see below).

Thanks so much for your support!


Glenn (father), Eric (son) and Al (grandad) Meder

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